2 Men Sing Their Order At Drive-Thru, But It’s The Cashier’s Epic Response That Goes Viral

Do you think that placing a drive-thru order is an easy one? If yes, then need to check out. Often, due to the weather condition, either the customers or the employees can have a hearing issue. At certain times the intercom also creates problems especially when it goes for updates. There are many factors that can create problem while placing an order in a drive-thru. It is very nice to stay inside the car and get the order deliver but often the orders come out with certain small mistakes. As in cases when an order was placed for a burger without the pickle, you could have your burger delivered with the pickle on top. However, this video features two men who decided to order through drive-thru speaker but in a little different way. At the other end of the telecom, the employees have no guesses that what was going to come in their way.

Link and Rhett are well-known Internet entertainers. They planned for this drive-thru. They came up with a folk song that they were going to present in the drive-thru. The fun starts as they pull out the speaker of the Taco Bell. As expected, the employees asked that what his customers wish to have. The two men started with their comical jingle. While Rhett plays the guitar, the two men placed their order in form of the folk song. As the song continues the orders on the screen seem to expand in number. Were the employees successful in taking the order correctly? Want the answer, then have a look at the video and be filled with laughter.