The old and the lady next to him could not stop laughing at the riddle and after solving it too

During the time of Christmas we got a lot of time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and for that, we are allowed with long vacations. Students during the time of vacations get a lot of time to seek their parent's company. Most of the kids love the company of their parents and they want to spend their holidays by playing with their parents, toys and anything else. Among them, students since the ancient age are very much fond of riddles. A riddle is basically a sentence or question that has a double meaning and kids love to play riddle with their parents to make them confused with funny questions.

In this video, we can find how the person is making his parents confused and making them laugh by cracking a riddle. The old and the lady seating next to him are asking with a simple question and they both misunderstand the riddle and are laughing at the question again and again the question though is not very clear only we can hear is ‘50 cows and 28 chickens….” and the rest of the thing we can watch in this video is the funny double predictions of the two person. To make the viewers feel happy during the Christmas week the person has captured the video and it went viral all over the internet sites.

However, at the end of the video, we can find how this two-person the old man and lady find the double meaning riddle so interesting and easy that still laughs after solving the riddle with their own interpretations. Both of them failed to hold the laughter as the figured out the answer to the question. After watching the video it is sure that you too are going to laugh with them.

Do watch the video to figure out the riddle.