Wise dad gives daughter an important lesson in dealing with anger.

Randy Gaines knows how to deal with parenting. Unlike most of us, he knows how to manage a situation with his kids. He is making a great luck by being a father to his daughter. He tries to understand how his daughter is managing her emotions. Many parents can’t really connect emotionally with their children. They can’t understand how to share their emotions. Children are emotional beings. They experience things in the first and learn to react to every situation. Randy is trying to direct his daughter in the right path. He is trying to help one of her daughters in dealing with negative emotions.

For Randy’s wife, it was an emotional scene to watch. She feels proud of her husband who can offer good thoughts to his children rather than punishing them and yelling. Randy and his wife both hadn’t had the opportunity to grow up well. They were not treated well in certain situations. But she is happy to have a husband who is an amazing dad to their kids!