Little girl moves her happy feet and copies Irish Tap dance on Galway street

We love dancing. Especially the little humans among us love it the most. They are so happy individuals that they would start dancing as soon as they listen to music. Good music attracts us a lot. Many a times, we adults start matching steps as we see someone dancing. It is a very natural behavior. But there is a slight difference. An adult would think twice before start dancing before the world. But a child wouldn’t think that much. It is thus prove of their innocence. They are not complicated. They don’t care who says what. They just enjoy themselves without thinking about a thing. A child is the symbol of happiness and innocence.
In this video, you will see a little girl dancing to the tune of an Irish music. There is a lady who is already dancing to the Irish music in the middle of Galway. But the little girl couldn’t help herself from dancing. And, she is not that bad too! For a little girl like her, it is quite amazing to see that she made quite great steps to the music. If you watch carefully, you can see herself almost matching steps with the woman. This is great because she doesn’t care who’s looking at her. She found the music catchy and went on matching steps. Everybody who was passing by saw the amusement and stopped by to watch the little girl having fun. They were surprised to see how the girl was able to dance smoothly. Everyone seems to have been enjoying the scene quite well!