Kitty gets really upset when owner goes to work, and our hearts are melting

We love our pets. People who keep pets at their home know how cute it is. With everyday passing, there’s something that these little creatures do. It is impossible for us to ignore them. they become an essential part of our lives. We love hanging out with them. we share every single detail of our lives even if they don’t quite understand what we say. It is just the company that matters. Cats, dogs or even birds, we just love them. It is hard to avoid their innocence. You’ll always find them right beside you. Whether you are sad or happy, they are with you. They don’t judge you by your profession or life. They love for what you are.
In the same way, we can’t live without them. in this video, we see an owner doing somewhat similar. He has two cats in his house. The cats love their owner but they miss him once he’s out for work. It is not new that the owners have to go for work. They still miss their loved pets back at home. One cat out of the two does some amazing things when it’s at home alone. The owner had put a camera inside the house to capture the cute moments. As expected, the cat goes on playing with a toy. The little creature knows a lot of drama for sure! It is fun to watch it play with the toy. The cat acts as if it’s hurt from a particular accident with its enemy.