Do You Like Being Alone? You May Have One of These Six Personality Traits

Are you a loner sometimes or prefer to be alone a lot of the time? Do you enjoy solitude and the silence that comes with it? Do you like shutting yourself away from all of the constant chaos happening outside? If you said yes to any of these questions, you most likely have one of these six personality traits. Keep reading to learn which personality trait you may have.
#6 You are Particular About Boundaries

Although you feel fine in social situations, you still like setting boundaries for yourself and you respect those others make for themselves. This doesn't mean that you will cause a huge scene if those boundaries are stepped between but you do like to keep a safe distance between yourself and others. You also only feel comfortable letting certain things out about yourself. And, although you are fine in social situations, once you are alone, you prefer not to be disturbed.
#5 You Value Your Time and Others

When it comes to being alone, you value the little bit of alone time you might have. You also value other people's time and will get right to the point when having a discussion as to not waste your time or theirs. You are on time when it comes to having an appointment. Also, when you do get time to yourself, you treasure that time, even if it is only 10 minutes.
#4 You are Comfortable With Your Own Thoughts

You can sit there by yourself and be left with your own thoughts for hours at a time. You like pondering over your thoughts and sitting alone just thinking about different ideas you may have for something to do with your life. You like to let your thoughts simmer and grow into something that you can do with those thoughts. This means you are also good with your emotions. This is because you are so in tune with your own thoughts and emotions, you respect the emotions of others as well.
#3 You are Calm and Hold Your Own Composure

This should come as no surprise to you since you are comfortable with being alone and sitting with your own thoughts to keep you company. Because of being comfortable with being alone and sitting with your own thoughts, you are a calm person and can hold down your own composure. You don't flip out for no apparent reason. You understand your own emotions, strengths, and weaknesses and because of this, you can be as cool as a cucumber.
#2 You are Very Loyal

The thing is about being happy being alone, you are also very loyal to the people in your life. This is because since you set boundaries and avoid unwanted situations, you are careful with who you let into your life. Also, because you are this way, those you let into your life, you think of them as the most important people in the world to you.
#1 You Love Solitude and Hold it Dearly

Since you are a loner, you enjoy and are probably addicted to the solitude you do get. Once you do get time to yourself, you hold it dearly and mark the alone time you do get, very important to you. You will not give up the chance to be alone when it does happen for you.
Do you think you have one of these personality traits? Sound off with your opinion and let everyone know what you think about this!