What is the First Animal You See in the Picture? That is your Personality

Take a look at the image above. What is the very first animal you see in it? Your personality trait is whatever animal you see first. Whether it is a butterfly, a dragonfly, a wolf, or others, this article explains each type of personality trait goes with the first animal you see. Keep reading to learn which personality trait you have.



If it is the stallion you see, you are ambitious. You are wild and free and make sure you succeed to be free no matter what it takes. Not only do you say no to an honest day of work but you also never back down from a fight. You are also in touch with your inner-self and your personality is driven and honest.



If you saw the rooster first, your personality is perseverance. Although roosters are small and look meek, this does not mean this is your personality. Roosters are fierce creatures in small packages. They are known to attack if they are challenged. They are also fast, intelligent, and will never back down from a fight.



Is the crab the first animal you see in the image? If it is, don't be fooled by it. This means your personality is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. You may look rough on the exterior but you are really soft at heart. Crabs are extremely loyal creatures so if you look within yourself, you will notice how loyal you are to those around you.

Praying Mantis


If the first animal you see in the image is a praying mantis, rest assured, you are patient and are a master of your senses. You have really strong instincts and you are in-touch with your inner self. Not only do you go by what is in your gut, but you always go after what you want and usually get it. You also have a fighting spirit driving from within you.




If it is the wolf you see in the animal image, although you do walk with friends (pack) you are also a loner and walk the wild, free and alone to hunt. You walk alone fearless and fierce. You may walk in a crowd of people, but you prefer to be alone. Being the personality of a wolf can both be a lonely one and an exhilarating experience. However, you can handle it.



If the dog is the first animal you see in the image, this means you have many personality traits together. You are brave, loyal, protective, loving, playful, and selfless. You are one of the few people who can hold all of these traits and this is awesome! You have a blend of the most rare personality traits there are and it is no wonder you are loved by everyone who knows you.



If you see the eagle first in the image, you are wild, free, and an ultimate predator of nature. However, because you see the eagle first, this also means you are too drive and focused on what you want and you go for it every time. Once you make a decision, you never go back on it. Once you see what you want, you swoop down, grab it, and take off with it.




The butterfly symbolizes something that comes from being ugly (the cocoon) to a beautiful person once you come out as the butterfly. You are able to break free from the ugliness and become the beautiful person you are meant to be. Also, you are able to adapt to the changes that happen around you no matter what they are. Although you may find yourself in some bad situations, you are able to break free from them and surround yourself in the beauty around you.



The dove is one of the most beautiful and gracious creatures in nature. If this was the first animal you see in the image, you are a wise soul. You are not only calm, nurturing, and patient, but you are also at peace with yourself. Finding peace within yourself is one of the most difficult things to do in life so if you have found it, be happy about that. You are also a symbol of hope for others.