Dad sets twins down to change; recorded footage of his ‘Technique’ is hard for mom to ignore

Parenting is a big challenge. It seems to be very difficult when you do this for the first time. You can bid goodbye to your free time. Now when you have decided to become parents, you have to lead a different life. This video shows us how this new dad is having a tough time in getting his twins into diapers. The poor dad has a struggling time and less does he know that he’s up for the whole night. Mom has her fun as she grabs a camera instead of helping her husband. Dad puts the babies on the floor to do the task. But the babies wouldn’t stay in place for sure.

One baby gets her way out of the sleeve before her dad could do anything. But as the dad tries to get her back, the other one moves out of the place. It looked like the babies were having fun with their father. But the father wouldn’t let go off that easily. He is determined to get his job done. He doesn’t give up and gets his smile on his face. He soon makes up a great idea to get the twins in their onesies. For the mother, it would have been easier. But that’s the fun. The father needs to help too! The dad can use some good old ideas from the mother. But is he really up for that? What technique does he use to get his twins back on track? This video says it all!