A woman who weighed almost about 500 lbs recreates her old photos, and it is extremely hard to believe that it is the same person

There are many people that simply make New Year’s resolutions and break them, but from these incredible pictures, you see that some people do not do so.
Lexi Reed, a woman from Indiana weighed almost about 485 lbs in the year 2016, while her husband weighed about 280 lbs. Together, they decided to get in shape, and about 18 months later, the last almost about 400 lbs together. They mentioned that they do not have any personal trainer, a strict meal plan, or even undertaken any surgery, but what they had going for them was simple motivation and working hard every day. They wanted to be parents for a long time.
The couple had a wedding in 2015, and was eating about 8000 cal every day, but simply gave up eating junk food in favor of home-cooked meals. They also started going to the determination about 5 to 6 times every week. The couple readily lost about half their body weight in just 12 months. It is during this amazing weight loss journey that Lexi managed to get about 500k followers on Instagram, many of whom have also been inspired by her own hard work and determination.

You can see some of the best results in the pictures given below.