Siberian Farm cats have simply taken over the land of this farmer, and they look majestic

Just as you were thinking about some of the craziest cat ladies that you have seen, somebody goes one up on everybody. Alla Lebedeva, a Russian farmer has simply converted her home into a “catland” and has provided a lot of incredible videos and photographs of some of the most gorgeous Siberian cats.
Located just around Barnaul in Siberia, Alla Lebedeva and her husband Sergey had been raising cats for over 10 years. They have had over 1 million, but that is just a rough estimate. Everybody lives in the farm, and they have three little bedrooms where they can sleep according to their needs. The cats generally protect the chickens as well as the rabbit from the rats and the mice.
The photos and video diaries from Alla Lebedeva showcase the daily adventures of her feline friends, and she has had a steady following of over 2000 people on YouTube, and they continue to remain in circulation without any offered permissions. Although it is the special Siberian cat, which is also sometimes passed off as the Norwegian Forest cat, one has to remember that these are different species. So, it is always important to pass on the due credit to the rightful people.