This cat and dog combination last travelling together, and their pictures are epic

Hikers Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend ended up adopting a dog, whom they called Henry in 2014. Bennett was going to pick up a Golden retriever mix, but when she came across Henry at an adoption event, she simply picked him up. He was 14 weeks at that time, but already five times bigger than most of the other puppies at the same age. When she entered Henry’s pen, he simply came up to her, and flipped his head over her arm. That is when she fell in love with the dog.

Cynthia mentions that it was only within three days that they took Henry to his fast hike. He almost always went up to the tallest rock, simply because he wanted to look over the ledge. That is why he was fondly nicknamed as the mountain goat.

A few months later, the couple decided to have another go at a family pet, and this time, Bennett wanted a rescue kitten. So after searching for five months, looking at various shelters, she came across a Siamese kitten makes known as Baloo. The introduction of the cat to their dog was extremely easy, and Henry fell in love with the cat.

It wasn’t long before the cat went on their first trip with the couple, and he simply wants to spend time with his family, and enjoy the hiking experience.