Older Man Finds Bird’s Feet Frozen To Pipe. His Ingenious Rescue Went Viral Overnight

If you think that all heroes wear capes then you are surely wrong. Heroes have no identification; they can come in any disguise. However, some of the heroes may take the look of the older gentleman.

These men do care about each and every life that exists on the Earth, particularly, nature and the wildlife that surrounds their property. Nelson Wilson is such a hero. He divulged in a rescued video that goes absolutely viral. One day a little finch caught this noble man’s sight.

It was frigid winter outside. Nelson finds out that the little finch gets itself trapped into the metal piping that is just next to the water heater. Maybe the little finch thought of drinking some water and stopped over the place.

From the water, the little finch’s feet were wet and thus it decided to hold on a second on that metal piping. However, due to snowy weather, the bird’s feet got attached to the metal pipe. When Nelson heard the tweeting of the finch, he came right to the spot and what he did made the internet viewers cheer. Thus to avoid any other injury t the finch, Nelson gently took the finch in his hand. He started to blow his hot breath into the bird’s frozen feet. After few seconds of effort, something miracle happened and then the bird was rescued. It was very kind of Nelson that he took the effort to free the bird from the frozen feet. Watch this video to know what this man did to help the little finch.