Mom Says Baby Brother Is On Santa’s Naughty List, Sisters Response Is One Mom Will Never Forget

The little ones are packages of mischief. Sometimes we do laugh at what they do and sometimes it gets really hard to handle them. Especially when Christmas 25th is around and you do have a lot of things listed on the to-do list. We always do tell the little ones that Santa always watches them out and whoever is found mischief will not get his/ her gift. However, at this time of the year, we do recall all our good and bad acts, the acts that we are happy to do and the things that we shouldn’t have done. However, we, the bigger ones keep ourselves out from the great list of Santa. The little girl in the video is well aware that Santa is watching her and her siblings too. She makes a request to her mother to help in saving the Christmas.

This video features a little girl, named Rachel. She doesn’t seem to be really bothered whether she falls on the good or bad list of Santa but what tickles her the most is the behavior of her little brother, was been naughty throughout the whole evening. She doesn’t her brother’s name to be on the bad list of Santa and so she makes a pledge to her mother to do something that Santa overlooks the naughty act of her little brother. This is certainly a heartwarming video. However, the mother asked her who can help in such a situation, the girl replied instantly that the elves can be of great help. However, the whole conversation of the mother and the daughter is definitely very cute but it does touch the heart. Watch the video if you really want to see the innocence of this girl