Man Hooks Up Home Lights To His Piano. Begins Playing And Leaves The Neighborhood In Awe

Recalling the past performances The Piano Guys, in the Corcovado mountain peak, Scotland’s rolling hills and on the Great Wall of China, was simply awesome. But their latest video doesn’t feature any distant land. This time they have chosen American neighborhood for their performance. However, the background may appear to be much simpler but guys hold on as The Piano Guys had something extraordinary planned for you. Through their performance, it is very clear that they have set up their instruments in this manner so that in this Christmas season, they can spread joy and happiness in everybody life. But hold your seats when you are going to watch the show. It is just awesome. It will just blow your spirit to another level of happiness and cheer.

Obviously, the musical and light performance is just awesome but the total power that is used in the show is just stunning. To make their stage look bright, The Piano Guys used 500,000 Christmas lights which counts electricity usage to be over 46,000 watts. The video ends with light flashing in blue and red color. The only reason for this light to appear is that The Piano Guys scheduled this performance in the mid-night and thus police were called. However, the police officers showered much kindness and gave enough time to The Piano Guys to wrap the whole arrangements. Hence, whatever might have happened but the performance that The Piano Guys gave was just marvelous.

The fans of the group are surely going to love their performance. The video got many shares after it was uploaded. If you want to know how they gave a light and piano performance together, then watch the video.