They Form A Human Christmas Tree. But Their Following Move Took The Crowd’s Breath Away

It is hard to believe your own eyes when you watch dancing of 500 people in the sky. However, the amazing event marked the opening of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

This dancing is just spectacular and surely it is going to leave you in a deep shock. However, for creating an ideal atmosphere to perform this amazing performance, the whole stadium was darkened. Hence the only lights available were those tossed among the audiences and the center arena’s fluorescent light. Before understanding anything, an acrobat’s tower raised up from the stage reaching much higher.

However, the tower goes on increasing in height as more and more acrobats joined. At the end of the formation of the tower, the acrobat's tower was lifted high up in the air. Thus from the audiences, it appeared as if a Christmas tree made up of the human.

All the acrobats were hanging on invisible wires. The moves they showed, while in the air, are simply outstanding. While a group was performing high up in the air, another group beautifully surrounds them at the bottom. With every change in the lights, they showed new moves. You will certainly be not able to get up from the seat out of curiosity as what moves they are going to show up next. When they completed the whole show, it was nothing than just an incredible performance. They did right use of the darkness and the lights.

Thus they showed some of the mind-blowing stage effects that were shown in the middle of the acrobats. Watch this video and be ready to clean the floor as your jaws are surely going to drop on the floor.