Daddy Buys Twins New Toy. Has Internet Laughing At Their Next Move

Can you think more than one way of doing a thing? However, there are certainly many ways of doing things but we take the shortest and the easiest way out. But there is nothing to deny that it can’t be done in the other way too. Doing it in a conventional way is just easy but trying something else out is just a little tricky. However, two baby girls of 12 months proved the same fact again. They showed up that any task can be done in both conventional ways as well as a different way too. However, we elders are well aware of the fact but when it comes from the 12 years old, it is just very funny. In the video, the two babies are seen playing with the shape matching game that came to them not much time back.

Though both the babies played the same game but they have their own efficient method of playing with it. Among the two one appeared to be much creative than the other. Dad films the whole thing and shared it on the internet. Whatever they were doing was just too much cute. Each time they looked at their dad to find out his reaction to what they did. However, every human being had two brain sides – one the left side and the other is the right side. The right side is responsible for artistic senses whereas the left side is suitable for logical thinking, calculation and analyzing. Have a look at this video to find out which baby uses her left side of the brain and which uses the right side of the brain.