Baby Is Born Days After 24-Week Abortion Limit. 9 Months Later Doctors Can’t Believe Their Eyes

There will be hardly anyone in this world who will be not happy to have their own little ones. Thus, Victoria Bradley also expected for her children very much. She was very happy when she came to know that she was expecting. But it was very sad that in 24 weeks of her pregnancy, she came to know that she is having an unfamiliar pregnancy. However, in the hospital, she came to know that if her daughter born too early then it is going to be traumatic. Thus, for her, the pregnancy shook her from the core as she had an emotional pregnancy. She was very nervous as well as anxious to know what is the destiny of her newborn would be. However, the baby took birth soon and the doctor prescribed that the baby will not likely live for long.

Victoria named her Francesca who later turned out to be a miracle. The baby was just two-pound weight. However, the baby took birth, just two days after it has been scheduled to abort the baby. The birth of the little one was suddenly a shock for Victoria and the doctors. However, the mother never seemed to lose hope. Her tiny hands and feet astonish the nurses too. Victoria admitted that by loo9oking at her daughter’s delicate body, she could not believe it to be her daughter.

The mom holds her baby tight while she went through many surgeries and procedures. The struggle, that the little one made make it unbelievable that she could survive one day. However, she now stands as an inspiration to defeat the odds of life.