Straight No Chaser bring the rendition of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, the audiences were stunned

Christmas countdown has begun. In this time around people gets excited to have their Christmas with fun and joy. However, apart from the delicious foods and the decorations, this time of the year is well-known to bring with it some holiday tunes back. However, radio is such a medium that plays the popular holiday tunes.

One of the favorite of this season is the “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and acapella group is ready to make us rock with the tune. However, we do thank that individual who featured the whole Straight No Chaser act and worth thinking it to share on the internet so that the rest of the world can see it.
However, the Straight No Chaser group is over 12 years old, which was started by a group of college students, but they came to the limelight through their recent works. Moreover, the Straight No Chaser group was formed by the Indiana University’s students who were looking for an outlet to showcase their voices. Over the years the group had earned fame and is counted as one of the famous acapella bands.

They reunited in the year 2006; the group had achieved YouTube views of more than 20 million. They have eventually released six albums. They won the CARA award for the Best Holiday Album. The auditorium was filled with audiences and was waiting for the Straight No Chaser group to step on the stage. The group gained a lot of attention from the crowd as they shared their stunning acapella sound. They show was just mesmerizing. Watch their video if you really want to hear an incredible Christmas tone.

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