Young Mother Passes Away Unexpectedly Of An Aneurysm Doctors Urge Everyone To Know The Signs.

A headache is one thing, a migraine is yet another. However, when you start to have severe, throbbing, stabbing pains in your head and it doesn't go away no matter what you do to ease the pain, this is when you need to go to the emergency room. Something is terribly wrong and you will need to get checked. It could be a cerebral hemorrhage, or, it could be an aneurysm. If these things are what is causing the pain, doctors urge everyone to know the signs. You can die from these things!

That is exactly what happened to a young mother from North Carolina. According to reports, 41-year-old, Lee Broadway started having severe headaches. They were so severe, the pain was so bad, that her husband had to take her to the emergency room. This is when they found out she was having aneurysms. The worst part about this story is that this young mother tragically passed away two days after finding out she was having aneurysms.


This is why doctors want everyone to know and understand the signs of going through this. Once you know the signs, maybe you can get to the hospital in time to stop them from getting too bad.

Here are the signs of having aneurysms:

● Severe headaches with pain that you have never experienced before
● More sensitive to light and sound than you have ever been, even when experiencing a migraine
● Seizures
● Really bad and constant urge to vomit
● Double vision or blurry vision
● Sudden and constant urge to droop your eyelids
● Instant stiff neck
● Sudden numbness in the face
● Severe and instant stabbing pain in one eye
● Going in and out of consciousness
● Hearing loud noises like gunshots or explosions that are not there

If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms, it is extremely important to get to a doctor right away. Not all headaches are the same and if you are experiencing any of these symptoms you could be going through an aneurysm. As you know now by reading this, aneurysms are deadly. This is nothing to mess around with!