Little Boy Dying of Cancer Says Four Words That Breaks His Mom’s Heart Before He Dies

Although they thought at first that it was just a simple cold, little Nolan Scully, who was just three-years-old, was getting worse. He was having trouble breathing. It hurt him to do so. They thought it was just a blocked nose from a simple cold but when he started getting worse and the medicine the doctor's gave him was not working, they found out he was suffering from a rare form of cancer called, Rhabdomyosarcoma. This cancer does not respond to any type of treatments, meaning it is fatal.

Little Nolan did not want to leave his mother's side while in the hospital. She would have to take really quick showers with the door open so he could see her. He did not want to quit touching her either. He was scared, just as the whole family was because he was going to die soon and they all knew it.

He was dying but was fighting hard to hang on for as long as he could. However, when his mother asked him why he was fighting so hard if he was in so much pain, he responded saying that he didn't want to be without her. She told him she would see him again soon in Heaven and that he did not have to fight anymore if he couldn't do it. If he was in too much pain, he could let go and go to sleep. He was happy to hear this because it hurt to breath and, although he didn't want to leave his mother, he couldn't do it anymore.

Nolan slept for a few days after that and when he woke up one last time, he gathered all of the strength he had left and said four words that broke his mother's heart and that she will never forget, Nolan Scully said: “I love you, Mommy!” After he said those four words, he passed away. He wanted to tell his mom he loved her one last time.

Although he was three-years-old when he was diagnosed with this disease, he did turn four before he died. This little boy had his whole life ahead of him and died when he was just four-years-old. He will never experience anything that children normally experience as they grow. He is now in Heaven waiting for his mommy to join him one day!

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