Homeless Puppy Freezing In Cold Winter Night But Finds Warmth In the Best Place

In Santa Catarin, Brazil back in 2008, a German Shepherd puppy was freezing in the cold winter night and was desperately trying to find a warm place to sleep. He ran around trying to find a safe and warm place to sleep when he came upon a nativity scene. Was this some kind of miracle for this puppy? This was the perfect place for him to sleep where he would be safe and warm for the night.

When the people of Santa Catarin came upon the nativity scene, they saw the little puppy laying in the manger with the baby jesus. Although this happened back in 2008, every year around the holiday season, this photo of this puppy sleeping with the baby jesus statue in the nativity scene goes viral.

No one knows exactly what happened to the puppy. Was he adopted by one of the nice people in Santa Catarin, Brazil? Although he was homeless for a little while, maybe he now has a safe and warm forever home. Isn't sleeping next to baby Jesus just the best place for a homeless puppy to find safety and warmth for one night?

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