Grumpy Neighbor May Not Be Who He Seems Wait Until You Find Out What He Does For People

Some people may not be who they seem to be when you first meet them. Take this grumpy neighbor for example. He looks like he hates everything and looks like he is a mean person. However, in the video below you will need tissues when you watch it. It is so heartwarming to see what he actually does for people in need.

One of his neighbors, for example, was outside with her son one day. The boy ended up breaking the coffee maker and she scolded him, telling him to get in the house and get to his room, and she sat down and started to cry a little, not thinking anyone was watching her. The old man next door, the supposed grumpy neighbor was watching her and was feeling bad for her. Guess what he did for her?

Mr. so-called Grumpy Neighbor went to the store and bought a brand new coffee maker. He brought it home and made it look a little old and dirty, then went outside and pretended he was going to throw it away. However, he walked over to the neighbor who needed a new coffee maker and he handed it to her, acting like he was going to throw it away anyway.

Although he acts like he is not really helping the neighbor, her son is on to him and knows what the so-called Grumpy Neighbor is up to.

He then sees Mr. Grumpy Neighbor giving a new fan to another neighbor. He knows what this nice old man is doing so he decides to pay him back in the nicest way he can think of.

Since it is Christmas time, the mom and her son have cookies and milk sitting out for Santa Claus to enjoy when he stops at their house. However, the little boy knows who the real Santa is and he takes the cookies and milk that were meant for Santa and takes them to the Nice Neighbor's door. He then rings his doorbell and hurries back home before the Nice Neighbor can see that it was him.

The old man opens the door and sees the cookies and milk and smiles, knowing who did this for him. He then looks up just in time to see the little boy watching him from his bedroom window, although the boy tries to get out of view before his nice neighbor sees that it was him.

Watch the video and see this for yourself! Don't forget the tissues because it will definitely pull at your heartstrings!