He Was Too Full To Eat Mom’s Dinner, But Was Stunned When His Dad Said This

In a recent Reddit.com thread, users were asked to share their “best father/son ‘don’t tell your mother’ stories.” One user posted this experience that proved to be a cherished memory years later. Read it below.

I grew up in a close family, my mom always cooked amazing meals. Well dad and I (I was like 15) go south on a Saturday and go shooting. We were out hiking and shooting all day. I got hungry and dad said lets get some Taco Bell. We eat and just stuff ourselves. We were having a great father/son day and that was a great end.

We go to start the drive home and dad calls mom. She says she’s made a big dinner, pot roast if I remember right, and was a little annoyed that we weren’t back yet but he said we’d be home in an hour. He looked at me and I told him I couldn’t even look at food right now… He said, “Son, sometimes there’s just a time in a man’s life when you have to do things. You’re gonna go home, clean up, sit down and eat every damn bit of the dinner your mom made, and so am I. We’re gonna tell her how good it was and thank her for cooking it. It’s how she shows her love for us, and we are going to appreciate it.”

And that’s what we did. She still could tell I wasn’t totally hungry but dad played it off by saying I ate too much jerky while hiking.

I know this isn’t very extreme, but I’ll never forget it. Life lesson learned. When you understand how a person demonstrates their love, you value that and demonstrate your appreciation for it. Thanks, Dad. My mom passed away a couple years ago but this memory makes me happy when I think about it.

It’s the little things in life that matter in the end. Make sure to show others that you appreciate their sacrifices.

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