This Train Car Hasn’t Been Used Since WW2, But Take A Look Inside And You’ll Be Blown Away

In 1939 the small town of Essex, Montana, was picking up steam. It was right in the middle of Glacier National Park and the Great Northern railway was slated to place a stop in Essex. It may not sound like much, but for many small towns, a local train stop can transform it into a bustling tourist hotspot in just a few short years. In anticipation of the new tourists and rail workers, the $40,000 Izaak Walton Inn was built.

Sadly, World War II happened shortly thereafter and the war effort took priority. The plans for a train stop and park entrance hit the back burner permanently.

In most cases, a giant inn with trained staff and thousands of dollars of upkeep would close down in the middle of nowhere. However, thanks to some ingenuity Essex’s Izaak Walton Inn is not only open, but doing better than ever. It attracts hotel enthusiasts with the unique train car rooms on the property, as well as people who just want to get away to a cozy, quiet, oasis of luxury in a scenic place.

When the train stop was scrapped, the hotel converted several used cars into luxurious rooms for guests.

One step inside, and you’ll likely forget you’re inside of a train caboose.

The rooms can comfortably fit a family of six.

And have all the comforts of home. Including a full size bathroom.

As well as a fireplace.

Each car has a different interior design.

But they’re all beautiful and attract thousands of tourists per year.

This room features a queen size bed.

And sports a modern kitchen.

Not only is The Izaak Walton Inn a great location for the train enthusiast, but anyone who’d like to witness a piece of American History should definitely put this historic site on their bucket list.