This Was Voted As The Best Christmas Commercial Of All Time.

The video given below is a heart-moving advertisement from John Lewis, a popular outdoor supply store in the UK. It was made for Christmas 2015 and it shares a very simple message. It says that we should all show someone that they are loved this Christmas.

It features the story of a little girl named Lily. While looking at the moon through her telescope one night, she sees a man on the moon who seems pretty lonely up there all by himself. What follows next is amazing!

The poor old man is all alone up there as Lily tries her best to communicate with him somehow. She tries writing a note and shooting it to the moon with a bow and arrow and flying it like a paper airplane. None of her attempts work. Christmas arrives and it’s heart-wrenching to the see old man with no one by his side. But Lily has got a surprise planned for him. Wait till you see what this little girl did for her friend far away. The music featured in this commercial is called “Half the World Away” performed by Aurora. The original song was by the band Oasis.

You’ll really enjoy the end of this clip and it is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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