They simply performed their routine and that what makes the audiences stun

Are you afraid of dancing in front of the large crowd? It’s not unusual. But for this talented duo, named MainTenanT, it’s like a dream come true. With much grace and skill, they took over the stage and headed towards the center where they came to a halt.

As the music began, they flow into presenting an incredible act. From the very beginning of their routine, they showed off their beauty, clarity, and strength in their performance. Their flawless act revealed about their months of efforts in rehearsing.

MainTenanT belongs from the Europe‘s overseas. Among the duo, Nicolas Besnard is a professional dancer who had performed once worldwide with group de Soleil and also been part of many shows, whereas Shenea Booth is the acrobatic Gymnast in World championship. 

She had won two times in the world championship in acrobatic gymnastics and even carries on with her worldwide performances when she had no act to perform with Nicolas.

However, the two are excellent in their own field and thus that is properly held up when the two perform as the duo. Without starting with a kick, the duo preferred to make a simple start by grasping each other hands. But as the routine carries ahead they showed off their perfection and fluid movements through the act. They do not hesitate to move from one pose to another.

However, the claps and grasps seem to grow as the routine ahead with much elegance and impressive moves. Thus, whoever, have seen the performance will consider their incredible strength for this routine.  In a part of the routine Shenea seems to walk upon the body of Nicolas who grasp her hand and lift her high up in the air. Their moves are simply well built. They showed an amazing performance indeed.