Police Dept. Posted This Online After An Officer Found A Man On The Highway

Cops are called out on complaints of suspicious activity on a daily basis. The Frisco Police Department recently shared an officers interaction with a man sitting near the highway during a dark, rainy, evening.

Check out the story below.

Frisco Police Department
Earlier this evening, a few of our patrol officers were dispatched to a welfare concern. The call was reported as a person sitting on a curb along Dallas Parkway, in the rain, near Main Street.

Once officers arrived and started talking to the individual, they learned the male was homeless, a military veteran and a former Combat Engineer.

The next step by our officers was to help this person get a room at a nearby hotel. Before they left, the officers left money for him to get a good meal at a nearby restaurant.

There are many great law enforcement officers doing kind deeds like this every day, unfortunately we rarely hear about it on the evening news.

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