Nurse and Special Squad give special surprise to the patient

In our lives, we encounter certain moments when we get the lucky chance to help others. Such a moment came in Nurse Cynthia’s life when she was having an appointment with a patient. During the appointment, Cynthia heard a discussion between her patient and family. Through the discussion, she came to know that the patient and his family are going to be homeless in a few days. They didn’t have any idea of where to go and what to do in such circumstances. Nurse Cynthia took the whole matter in her hand and what she did was simply incredible. It did change the life of her patient forever.

Basil, a patient of Cynthia was having a serious condition as he was having a brain tumor. He was having a complete treatment of the brain tumor. But he was unveiled that in few days he and his family would be thrown away from the place where they are living currently. As employment in the hometown was very less so it was not possible for the mother to get any job. They were running short of money and with much less money they had no idea how to do complete the medical treatment. Thus Nurse Cynthia came as an angel to the family. She first arranged a room for the entire family at a nearby hotel and that too free of cost. As the temporary stay was over, Cynthia contacted Fox5Surprise Squad to gift Basil and his family the biggest surprise of their life.

United Nissan, a partner of the Surprise Squad was so touched by Basil’s story that they give a new house to Basil to live for the next 12 months. As Basil and his family entered the house their eyes were wet to see that the house was fully furnished with each having their own room. However, Cynthia was very happy indeed. She said that she always advise people to have faith. Watch the video to be a viewer of the unfolding of the heartwarming surprise of Basil.