This little girl took parents instruction very seriously and here is what she did

Hardly the little ones listen to what is being told and do act in the same way. But this adorable little girl exactly did what she was told to do but in a hilarious way. She was set to give a performance at the nativity scene of the church. However, her family including her mom and dad managed to get a seat in the back pew of the church. They instructed their daughter to sing loudly so that they can hear her sing from the back. However, they hold no idea that their sweet little one is going to take the instruction so seriously and present the act in the way that everybody chuckled.

However, the native scene of Christmas is considered to be the most important segment as this moment hold up the purest moment of Jesus been given birth by Mary in the manger. However, the whole family of Ellie, the little girl, was excited as she got the chance to perform at the disclosing of the nativity scene of Church. Moreover, Ellie’s family helped her to practice the song so that she could give her best. Even they took care that she should feel comfortable while singing in front of the strangers.

In their rarest dream, they couldn’t have expected that their teachings will go in such levels. As the show started and the choir started their performance, Ellie took the show by singing at a very louder speech than the others in the choir. Her family couldn’t help it but just giggle in what their little girl did. Even the other children of the choir giggled in what she did. If you feel excited to know what she did that made other laughs then watch this hilarious video.