Bride gave a strange surprise to her groom, that’s what gained so many views

No doubts that wedding binds two people together but this day carries special value for the bride. She not only spends much of her time in planning for the event but also she is the only person to have the fun in regards how to present herself at the wedding. However, there is certain social media video that holds the bridal gown, her jewelry and the costly arrangements the most. But, the bride gets much lesser attention. 

However, when Klevina, the lifestyle, blogger decides to get into the bonding of marriage, it wasn’t the amazing gown, jewelry or the presentation that took the breath of the people. It was the plan of the bride to entertain her groom with her singing in the reception.

Klevina chose the song “Everytime We Touch” from the Cascada, the super hit German band. Thus she made all her effort to hold up her feelings and emotions through this song. Klevina smartly took the mic to perform in front of so many guests which many brides would have failed. 

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It is very certain in a wedding that the glitter and the glam get all our attention but what can be the best gift for the groom apart from the marvelous presentation of the song given by her newly wedded bride. 24 hours after the event took place, the video of Klevina singing for her groom goes viral.

It was viewed for 1.5 million times over the YouTube. Apparently, some may think that how the bride did this? However, performing in front of the large crowd was not new for Klevina. Early she had taken part in the X Factor of Albania. Currently, Klevina lives in the United States and she is happily married having Rion, her first son, just a few time ago.