Amarri got a special phone call. This is what happened next

It was the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport when Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend noticed an unlikely situation. They saw that a father was in hurry to catch his flight to Ohio. He was been halted by the security professionals, TSA, who informed him that he couldn’t carry those boxed snow globe. However, the boxed snow globe was a gift for his adopted daughter by his parents.

However, the father was very depressed to know that he can’t carry the present as his parents had made that snow globe especially for Katie, their granddaughter. The dad made many pledges in front of the security worker to permit him to keep the snow globe in the lost and found section so that his parents could come and collect it.

The snow globe contains the photo of the grandmother and the grandfather Modry on one side and Katie and her dog photo on the other end. But in no ways, it seemed that the security workers could get convinced. The father was asked to put the present in file 13 which indeed was garbage. Amarri and her boyfriend caught the whole conversation. Her boyfriend took out the thing from the garbage while Amarri decided to post it on the Facebook. 

However, the post goes viral in a couple of days. However, the post was shared by a large number of people and ThingsRemembered's representative reached to her. Amarri was pretty sure that she found the grandfather and the grandmother. Linda Modry got back her snow globe which was a present for her granddaughter. However, Amarri was awarded for her good deed. Watch this video to know what Amarri got a return on her good deed.