7th Ave band created the rendition of “Mary Did You Know”

Minnesota’s Christ Episcopal Church seemed to be filled with a handful of peoples. They were sitting in different wooden pews with sunlight piercing through the glass windows and giving it a gorgeous look. But this is not what that lit the whole world on fire, rather what they did was really incredible.  Must you be accustomed to the 7th Ave Band? It is really a popular band. Chris Rupp was the famous personality who initiated in creating the band.

He was also been known as the founder of the Home Free, the country vocal band. 7th Ave Band included Tristin Rup, actor and singer and also the sister of Chris Rupp. Other members of the band are Kelley Jakle, a cappella princess and Adam Bastien, the worldly singer. The team had planned their holiday season release. They are up with their latest version of the song “Mary Did You Know”. This time the team had paired up with Marie Nicole. They really surprise the crowd by performing in the church. They were performing a cappella with magnificent acoustics.

7th Ave band uses swing, country, pop, rockabilly and many other styles to create an incredible mix. BVut this time it was the soul-stirring version of the meaningful song that attracted the crowd the most. They not only sounded mesmerizing but the imagery they chose was also great. As one voice begins with the song another voice slowly joins it, thus creating an incredible song. Thus they hold up the Message of the birth of Jesus. Watch the video to know the rendition created by the 7th Ave band.