Mother-son duo rock the kitchen floor with the “Dear Future Husband” song playing at background

From the moment Lance started to walk, the mother-son duo was dancing together. Lucy Stevens, the mother of Lance, is dancing on very upbeat, played on the radio, with her son. Lucy used to swoop Lance up and go around in the kitchen. Lance is an adult now and father of two kids.

Still, when Lucy lack sleep, she hooks up Lance, while putting the radio on. They are incredible with what dance steps they tried in the kitchen. However, their dance routine is gone viral and seeing the video one can assume why so.

The video features the mother and son duo clicks the radio on. The song “Dear Future Husband” starts playing loudly fulfilling the empty space of the kitchen. Thus, this seems to be the perfect song that the mother and son wanted to rock on the kitchen floor. Lance and Lucy get started with their dance steps.

They seem to be very comfortable with the steps they were trying at the kitchen and Meghan Trainor’s song playing in the background. Daughter of Lance was cheering the duo while another member of the family was filming the whole act.

In the middle of the performance, Lucy faced the camera and utters that this is the things that happen to Louisiana’s people who lack sleep. However, we need to plan a trip to the South soon, if this is the late night story of every Louisiana’s kitchen. The video goes viral in minutes after it was posted. Hope to see some of the mother-son duo excellence on the internet again.