Cara gets the biggest surprise of her life

For professional cleaners, clients place is absolutely new. They do hold no idea what they are going to face inside the house of the client. However, Cara Simmons holds a strange experience that any maid had ever receive in their work life. Cara Simmons had three children and she took no day off throughout the year. Once in the past, she had been hospitalized due to the too much work she does both to bring her kids up and in her work. However, when her boss informed her that she had to go for a very important client’s cleaning job, she quickly made herself ready. She holds no idea as what is going to happen.

While the woman of the house informed Cara that she had already done with the cleaning as there was a party in the house that evening. She also said that there is much work left that Cara can do. Cara was given the task of tasting Chef Manny Slomovits’ seven-course meal. Cara tasted the meal that was made with lobster, edible gold, and $4,000 truffles.   Surprises continued as Cara was asked to open the doorbell. Two masseurs with message chair entered the house as Cara opened the door. Cara was asked to have the message as the men told that they need to warm up their hands. The weirdness continued as Cara was being pampered and the owner of the house was up with her cleaning.

After the massage, Cara was asked to accompany with the woman upstairs where she was offered valuable fashionable items and jewelry. Again for the second time, the doorbell rang and again Cara was asked to open the door. However, this time it was a mover who was carrying a box. The woman of the house asked Cara to unpack the box. Cara was surprised to see that the box contains her stuff. They were surprised. The mover took her outside when she understood what was actually happening and she burst into tears.

As the moving van’s back was opened, kids of Cara, Glo her sister and her niece jumped out shouting surprise. The mo0ver was none other than the “Prank It Forward” host Greg Benson. In this show, they try out some unexpected pranks on people that eventually turns up to be nice. However, preliminary it was revealed as a plan for Carra’ day off but surprisingly Greg kicked high up.

He revealed that the sponsors have bought and renovated the house for Cara, who doesn’t have to pay anything for this. However, Greg said that Cara can have this home for herself even for her kids and later can pass it to her grandchildren. If you think that the surprise ends over here then you are mistaken. See this video to know the final surprise that Cara got.