101-Year-Old Woman Plays in the Snow Like a Kid

A man by the name of Armand and his 101-year-old mother were driving through the snow one day when all of a sudden his mother wanted to get out of the car immediately. Keep in mind, she is 101-years-old.

Amazingly, this elderly woman wanted to play in the snow! She wanted out of that car as fast as she could get out. Armand stopped the car so she could get out and enjoy the snow. Armand realized that he needed to record this moment because it isn't every day when his 101-year-old mother wants to play in the snow.

When she got out of the car, a smile came upon her face, lighting it up like she was a teenager again. She reached down and started making a snowball. Her face lit up, she made a perfect snowball and threw it in the air, laughing the whole time!

Armand knew he had to record this on his phone because this moment was a rare one. Not only that, but there might not be many more moments like this for him or his elderly mother. She is 101 after all so she could easily pass away any time. No one wants to think like that but it is reality, right?

So. if you want to see a 101-year-old woman play in the snow, check out the video below!

Watch the video right away. Her laughter is infectious. God Bless her!