Nine years old mesmerizes the audiences with her gifted voice


There are many examples of talent at the very early age but this one is something really different. Amira Willighagen from Netherlands showed that God had bestowed her with the gift of angelic voice. She is just nine years old and she is really incredible in her operatic voice. The young talent came in front of the whole world after gaining the title at Holland’s Got Talent. She came into notice of Andre Rieu, the world-famous orchestra director, and violinist after her audition. She has been summoned for a master class. She Got many invitations and did perform at numerous events both globally and nationally. Next Amira got her invitation from the Max Maakt Mogelijk, the Dutch television program. She has been called to perform in their Christmas special program.

However, it was a Christmas concert, so she wisely chose ‘O Holy Night’ which was recorded at Saint Jacobs Church, The Hague. A woman, 105-years old, in the audiences was really thrilled to hear a song from the young and popular singer. However, Amira dedicated the song to her. Amira was dressed in a red dress with a white fur cape wrapped. In her song, she told about the birth of the savior. The audiences were mesmerized to hear the talented young girl singing. However, she had used her voice to help the needy. She helped in building a children playground in the place from where her maternal relative hailed. Thus she donated half of her revenue in the attempt. She also founded a charity organization to make her further efforts in charity. However, the audiences, present at the Christmas concert, were mesmerized to hear the nine-year-old voice. This classic hit has now been a part of her second album named Merry Christmas. Watch the video to know what the young talent did in the Christmas concert that was breathtaking.