An incredible performance given by 36 toy soldiers


The Christmas holiday has already begun. It’s the time when we decorate the tables in the dining room with garlands, red bowls, Glass ornaments in gold color and the scented candle. The decoration is incomplete if there is no toy story nutcracker, residing next to the roasted nuts dish. Toy soldiers play a special role in the many hearts, especially in this holiday season. Children do prefer to play with toys and also like the movie “March of the wooden soldiers”. They do also enjoy nut-cracking figures. However, if you do also fall into the category of toy soldiers’ lover then the performance of toy soldier is really going to become a heartwarming moment for you.

The video gets started with projecting 36 performers, all dressed up in remarkable costume and flawless makeup. They do look more or less similar to each other. As the performance begins they move in unison. They shamble in various moves and grouping around the stage. The performance catches the attention of the viewers. Even it seems that they had chosen the perfect music for the performance as that sounds childish as well as sweet too. It appeared as if some real toy soldiers are performing in the stage with music playing at the background. This was an incredible performance that features impressive costumes and perfect movements. Even we do also want to praise the excellent choreography done in the performance. Have you missed this must-see performance, then no worries. As here is the opportunity to see the performance. Watch the video to know what make the performance incredible.