Ventriloquist gets annoyed- watch what happens when he storms off stage

There are instances when all you want to do is to simply walk away to get rid of the confrontation. However, it could also be awkward when you have a dispute with your double act, especially when the situation happens in front of live television.

That is exactly what happened to Paul Zerdin, a 44-year-old ventriloquist that got on the stage of America’s got talent and it was going pretty well until he stormed off stage.

Since he made it through the quarter-finals, his act was a bit of the book. Being a professional performer, he knew his skills, and he fell that that stage of America’s got talent would be the perfect platform to showcase his talent.

Sam the dummy, his adorable sidekick was to be a part of this performance.

However, within seconds, people realized that not only was he exceptionally skilled, but incredibly funny.

The performance simply grows in strength as time progressed, but after he had an argument with Sam, Paul walked away from the stage. The audience and the judge couldn’t tell what would happen next, but once you see the video, you cannot deny the talent that this man possesses!

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