Quartet begins to sing but the entire crowd burst out laughing when the boy in the vest starts singing

Apparently, when for boys took to the stage during the Christmas concert, what the audience was expecting was a gospel quartet; what they got instead was a comedy piece that was not only hilarious, but was definitely rib-tickling for everyone.

The quartet, which comprised of four boys, stood in a line, and they had dressed in order to impress the people, and also do so with their performance. However, they had a trick up their sleeve. As soon as they started singing, the audience simply could not stop laughing.

The boys started singing the gospel song in such a manner that the congregation in the church did not expect, and what the boy in the black vest did left everybody in fits of laughter. They were clearly enjoying the fact that their audience was laughing as they were singing with big grins on their faces. They had achieved what they set out to do, which was to spread joy and cheer to the audience.

That particular boy in the vest not only put up a beautiful comedy performance, but it only went on getting funnier as the song progressed. It went on to bring him to his knees by the end of the song. The audience could barely contain their laughter!

Even though the voice of the boys seemed out of sync, their performance skills were second to none!

Watch the marvelous performance in order to see what was so funny about this musical number. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments if you enjoy the video.