You Need To See This Guy’s Story About “Bad Cops” In America

A Reddit user recently posted the following story about an interaction with a police officer, as well as some very valid points on police in general. Read it below and let us know your thoughts.

When I was 19, my girlfriend died in a car accident. My car had expired plates, an expired inspection sticker, and one of the tires had worn down to the wire and was about to blow. It was 40 miles to her parents house, and I didn’t even have enough gas to get back home, or money to buy it with.

A Sheriffs deputy pulled me over when he saw my expired plates. He took my license and registration, told me why I was being ticketed, and walked back to his car. At that very moment, I was emotionally at the lowest point I’ve ever been. I just stared at the steering wheel the whole time. The cop came back with my ticket. I guess he could tell I was having a bad day just by looking at me. He asked if I was alright. I told him my girlfriend was dead, and I was trying to go see her parents. He asked her name and what happened. I told him her name and where she wrecked.

He had heard about the wreck from other officers who worked it. He asked if I had anything else to drive. I told him I had no other vehicle, and no money to fix it, or even to get back home. He tore the ticket in half, and gave me $10 for gas out of his own pocket. He had never met me a day in his life. He had no reason to help me, but he did. Say what you will about Police, but they are people just like the rest of us.

I realize there are bad cops out there that give them a bad name. There are cops that abuse power, and get off on having authority. I don’t deny there are racist cops, or that some police shootings are unjustified. However, 99% of them are kind human beings that just want to do their’ job and go home to their’ family.

When you see riots on TV, the looting, the businesses burning, that’s just a taste of what society would become if we didn’t have cops to enforce the law. The outcome of almost every encounter with the police I’ve had, was determined by me. I’ve been pulled over many times. When I was an asshole, I was treated like one. When I was polite, and respectful, I was treated respectfully in return. I am a gun owner. I have one in my vehicle at all times. As soon as the officer comes to my window, I immediately say “I’d like to declare a firearm.” I hand him my concealed carry permit with my other information. Never once have I had a problem. They always ask where it is. I tell them where it is located. Some ask that I keep my hands visible or on the wheel. I do.

When I see video of police shooting “unarmed” men, and I hear the officer yelling “drop the gun” and the guy is acting strange and suddenly sticks his hands in his pockets, in my opinion, it’s his fault he got shot. If a cop asked me where I keep the gun, and I stuck my hand under the seat quickly like I was going to draw on him, and he shoots me, he was justified. I’m aware this isn’t always the case. Some cops shoot people for seemingly no reason. I’m not defending their’ actions. I just think they are a very small minority. I think the majority are good people, and I stand by that opinion.

This is what we need more of.

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