He Asked A Woman In Line If She Was Buying Groceries For Flood Victims, But Didn’t Expect Her To Say This.

The historic flooding which took place in Louisiana is believed to be one of the worst natural disasters in the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy. 11 people died in the catastrophe and 30,000 were forced to leave their homes. In the town of Livingston, near Baton Rouge, 75% of homes were destroyed.

One woman witnessed an encounter in a Walmart store, just days after the devastation, and posted about it on Facebook. Read it below.

Posted by Allison LaCombe Welch
“So I went to Walmart today in Marksville and I was third in line. There was an older woman checking out, a middle aged couple behind her, and I was next. Well I noticed the woman checking out had almost every basic item you could need: shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush, a couple of pairs of shoes, some clothes, basic make up items…. Etc…. I didn’t think anything of it but as she was almost done (her total was over $350) the man in front of me asked her Are you sending this stuff to flood victims?’

And the woman said, ‘Actually sir, I am a flood victim, I lost everything I own and didn’t have time to even grab my purse. There is water up to my roof. I’m staying here with my daughter until I can figure things out.’

And just like that, the man handed the cashier his credit card and paid for the woman’s things. She cried, his wife cried, and then I cried. It was so touching to see someone be so selfless, especially in this trying time for Louisiana! Pay it forward.”

The post has since gone viral, being shared more than 13,000 times. It’s important that during trying times like these we remember, and highlight, the compassionate acts by others. It’s the true American way.

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