Boy Falls Off Bed and it’s What His Brain X-Rays Show That His Parents Want to Warn Others About

Being a first time parent can scare you. Just know that once you have more children, you become an expert. However, when you have little one's you need to make sure your house is childproof.

One couple didn't do that and now their son is hurt. Two-year-old little Chen Chen was jumping on his bed, like most kid do, and during one of his jumps, while he was in mid-air, he fell off his bed. He fell on the floor and hit his head on an electrical power socket. What happened next was worse than him falling on the floor and hitting his head.

Little Chen's parents rushed him to the hospital right away. When doctors did X-rays, they were shocked. They were shocked because of what was stuck inside his head. You see, when little Chen fell off his bed and fell on the electrical power socket, it got stuck inside his head!

Doctor's had to operate to get it out of his head immediately. They worked tirelessly for three hours to carefully remove the power socket from his head. They finally got it out after the three hours and added stitches to his head.

Although the doctor's don't currently know if there will be any long-term damage to Chen as he is growing up, they are feeling optimistic that he will heal along the way.

This should be a warning to parents everywhere! Make sure that when your child is in their room or any other room without your supervision for even a little bit, that nothing is around that will hurt them. Make your home childproof so you do not have to deal with something as horrifying as this. However, it is rather hard to remove everything that can hurt a child when something as simple as a power cord socket can hurt a child. I guess we all just have to watch our children closer and be as careful as we can can be as parent's.