Boxer’s behavior surprises the habitats of the house


When the newborn is about to come home, the resident of the house faces a big change. Even the dog of the family needs to go through some changes. However, when a baby girl starts crying in her crib, it seems the dog to get confused. We do thank the mom who thought of capturing the whole thing. Boxers are known as the big and toughest dogs who turn out to be the best family friend ever.


According to the reports from DogTime, they are closer towards the human members of the family. They do love their owners or the person who handles them but they are also well-behaved with the children of the house and take immense care of them. They do make sure that the little ones don't get any harm. However, they need to be released the excess energy by exceeding for living indoors. Having the excess energy out, the boxer can act well with the kids.