Mom captures footage of excited baby girl waiting for her dad


This video catches a cute baby girl waiting for her daddy. The video starts as the baby girl waits for her daddy on the front porch. It was the time for the daddy to come back in the pickup truck. The mom was aware of what was going to happen. She knew that her little girl will burst out of excitement as her daddy will arrive and she sees him. The mom decides to turn on the camera and capture the whole thing. As she hears the pickup truck’s hum arriving, her eyes get wide open. She asked herself is that was the daddy. There was a wide smile on her face. She turned around to get to the arrived pickup truck.

The little girl was playing with a bottle. As her daddy arrived she dropped the bottle as she had to get quickly to the truck. She makes all her efforts to make into the truck. From her act, it was very clear that she loved her daddy very much. As the truck halted, the little girl also came to a stop. She was waiting for her daddy to come out of the pickup truck and greet him. As soon as the daddy came and said “Hey baby!” with a smile and calls her to him, the little girl seems not to waste any time. She runs towards her daddy. It seems really heartwarming how the little girl gets wrapped with his daddy’s arm. Definitely, the daddy must also love his baby very much. The relationship between the daddy and her little daughter is truly upheld