Six years after raising a wild gorilla introduces his wife, who despite warnings gets too close

Damian Aspinall a multimillionaire conservationist introduced his new wife to a couple of his oldest friends; he did not expect to have them stealing his wife from him. Considering the fact that they are gorillas!

Damian Aspinall bred two gorillas called Djalta and Ima from babies to about 12 year old grown apes, before releasing them into the jungle. After four years, he went to meet them in their natural habitat.

Damian Aspinall wanted to introduce his new wife, Victoria to his friends, but suggested that he do so carefully. Going through crocodile infested waters, the couple met the apes in their new houses. The western lowland gorillas loved their home, but were not keen to let people come into their territory that they did not know about.

You might apprehend that after being alone in the jungle for a few years, Djalta and Ima might not have been too happy to see Damian. However, the creatures welcomed them with open arms, even getting too friendly with his new wife.

After approaching the apes cautiously, Victoria immediately fell in love with the 300 pounds gentle giants. This encounter involved a lot of hugging and attention, resulting in the fact that Ima stole her hat, and Victoria was lying down in her lap, allowing her to play with her hair. It seem like the bond would continue to grow stronger.

It is only fair to say that the two approved of Damian’s new wife, so much so that they wanted to keep her for themselves.

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