Man Posts This Online After A Stranger Walks Up To Two Unsuspecting Cops

Facebook user Courtney Goodwin stopped by a Subway store and witnessed a man walk up to a group of police officers. He shared this post online, after witnessing the heartwarming scene.

Stopped at Subway at the truck stop off of 311 in Houma when this man walks in and goes straight up to two police officers.

I thought he was saying hello due to knowing them, but I look over and see the man lay hands on both officers as he begins to pray over them.

These officers face dangers every day that we couldn’t even begin to imagine. A few bad cops don’t represent the entire force, just as a few bad apples of any particular race shouldn’t represent the entire race.

This world needs a lot of prayer and it warms my heart seeing such an open act of regard for one another.

This is what America is supposed to look like — our citizens and police officers standing together as one, under God.

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