Garth Brooks sports a woman holding a sign, and instantly walks offstage after reading it.

Most of us looks forward to visiting are going to see our favourite band live in concert. Purchasing tickets in advance, we counted the days and hours before we get to the show.

However, what could be worse than you’ve fallen sick and not being able to go for that show? Well, a courageous lady attended a Garth Brooks concert in the target Centre in Minneapolis, most people may think that she was travelling from cold or feeling a little under the weather.

Theresa Shaw, battling third stage breast cancer attended the concert, but earlier she had undergone chemotherapy. That is sheer dedication to music.

What makes this incident even more memorable is the fact that Garth Brooks noticed a sign she was holding up “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance.” Immediately stepped offstage in order to meet her, and continue his performance directly to her, and even topping it off by giving her his guitar.

If you have a heart, it is impossible for you to not get emotional when watching this video. What makes it even better is that after she was given the all clear, she attended another one of his concerts with a sign “ I kicked cancer’s ass. Still enjoying the dance.”

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