Family is relaxing in the pool but suddenly an unlikely visitor decides to join them

When our family was enjoying a beautiful afternoon by the swimming pool while on holiday in Africa, they got a surprise of their lifetime when an unexpected guest joined them in their pool party.

Lying in the pool and going for a leisurely swim is often a part of the holiday that most of the people want to think about when they go there. When her family was enjoying their vacation in elephants sands in Botswana, they had an unlikely visit, a visitor that gatecrashed their full time, creating a memory that they would not likely forget.

Hearing some commotion in the bushes, the family braced for whatever creature may be coming their way, but unbelievably, it was a gentle giant, an elephant. The creature walked extremely casually up with the poolside, and after seeing that the humans were safe, it joined in the fun.

The creature lowered its trunk into the water and started drinking the water from the pool, while the family remained in the swimming pool itself. The people stayed as calm as possible so as not to scare away the creature and enjoy the moment as long as they can.

After the elephant had replenished itself, it acknowledged the humans by looking at them and thanking them for letting him drink peacefully. It then returns to the wilderness, waving its years like goodbye. The family could not believe their luck!

Visitors have often been told that elephants come to drink from the swimming pool, which is why they are free from any chlorine. Luckily, this family was able to fill the entire encounter. This is something that you would not want to miss out on!