Witness the cutest animals you have never heard about

Have you ever heard about aardwolf? Well, if you haven’t, be prepared to witness one of the cutest animals alive.

Coming from the same family as the hyena, which explains the similarity, they are more preferable to munch on termites are better than their bone chomping feast undertaken by their cousins. The name of the animal comes from aardvark, which is the Dutch word for earth.

They are native to the southern and eastern part of Africa, and happen to live in the underground burrows. Although they do not dig holes for themselves, they preferred to inhabit burrows of the other animals. They are nocturnal and pretty shy, and although during the winter day conserve energy, they do so by sleeping at night and feeding during the day. They have long sticky tongues much like the anteater, and can easily feed on thousands of termites every single time. They can eat up to 300,000 termites every night. An adult can grow around the same size as a fox, and being monogamous, they preferred to stay with their mate for a lifetime. They are also extremely cute to look at, and you can see that for yourself when you scroll down the post.

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