A little foal decides to join the father. Wait till you see what he does next…. A wonderful moment!!

You might not drink beer, but you have watched the Budweiser ads. They like to use Clydesdales most of the time, and it always turns out great. This one did too!

In the Super Bowl commercial, there is a little foal that is with his dad when things start to happen. Apparently, the adults have started teaming up for a performance, and it seems to be a bit bigger than anticipated for the little one. However, he doesn’t like to sit around and watch the adults pull off a performance, so he joins them in order to get first-hand experience!

A look at this commercial, and you can definitely find yourself falling in love with the foal. In fact, it’s not about him joining the adults, but actually wanting to lead the entire operation!

Even when you repeat the video countless times, you might not be able to get enough of it. Go ahead and share it with your friends to spread the love!